Amanda Dame
Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Born in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina as Amanda Suzan Welch. Amanda moved to Oregon in 2006. She began writing music in 2006 and started publishing in 2015. While living in Austin, Texas (2014-2016) Amanda independently started Eyelovephire Studio Records.

Brian Robert Humiston
Drummer with Amanda Dame
Moved to Oregon in 1999 with Rainbow from Utah. They soon joined a band and started writing music together. After leaving that band in 2004 to have children, Brian and Kate started playing together as Pisces Moon, which later became Moon Pie. He started playing drums with Amanda Dame in 2017, and signed with Eyelovephire Studio Records in October of 2018.

Kathryn "Rainbow" White /Moon Pie

Bassist with Moon Pie and Amanda Dame
Moon Pie started as Pisces Moon. Brian on the guitar and Rainbow on the bass, the duet sing both originals and cover songs. Signed with Eyelovephire Studio Records as the bassist for Moon Pie in October of 2018.
Rainbow creates melodic thumps with a fretless, electric bass.